The Week I Went to Church

Day 87

Well, it’s not every week I manage to go to church, finish an essay, and celebrate LDOC. If you’re not sure, LDOC stands for the Last Day of Class. Wild right. How can class be over even though I didn’t have it in the first place right? It’s amazing how fast time is flying by here and now I somehow only have 2 more months left in town. But enough about the future, this week has been full of several milestones.

 EASTER SUNDAY, ST. PAUL’S CATHEDRAL Woke up early this morning and donned my Easter tie. Now I’ll be the first to admit that my church-going habits have been regrettably lacking in recent years. But you best believe I’m going to make it to an Easter Sunday service come hell or high water. Montana and I met up with Sydney and two of her flatmates outside St. Paul’s around 9:30 this morning and we headed in. I’ve never celebrated Easter, or that matter attended a service, in a Cathedral and certainly not one as historic as St. Paul’s. The history nerd in me was freaking out as we entered into the massive building. We got there about 30 minutes early and managed to get fantastic seats near the front under the dome of the cathedral. Everywhere you looked there were beauty and history. It was a weird experience just to sit there and soak it all in.

We attended the Morning Matins which is apparently the more lyrical of the Easter services. To say it was a bit of a different experience than the Southern Baptist services I’ve been bred on would be an understatement. The experience had an ancient, almost regal feel to it. There was a lot of sitting and rising and chanting. But hey if it’s worked for 700 years, why change it. After the service, we headed down the street to grab Easter brunch. Yet again, I thoroughly enjoyed my favorite meal of all time.

SATURDAY, STRATFORD It’s finally done. I managed to finish my War in the International Order paper this afternoon. While I’ve lost all ability to focus and be productive since I left the States, I somehow managed to finish it. I’m not going to confirm I did a little dance when I finished, but I won’t deny it either. Now I just need to edit and finish up the works cited page and it is ready to submit before I head out.

THURSDAY, STRATFORD LDOC. It’s amazing how fast time flies when you don’t have any classes. I was set on enjoying my last day of class until I woke up and discovered I had managed to lose my voice and had developed a minor fever. Determined to shake any disease before I set out to Scotland on Monday, I drank a ton of water and confined myself to bed rest to kick whatever I had acquired. By late afternoon, I was feeling marginally better and decided to be a little productive. Well, it turns out that when I’m feeling a bit under the weather I can type up 1500 words about Nuclear Weapons policy like it was nothing. While it wasn’t the LDOC I was hoping for or like any I’ve had before, it was LDOC none the less.

 WEDNESDAY, WATERFRONT BAR Today I managed to be a wee bit productive. I wrote about half of one of my papers and decided to show up for a meet and greet for King’s students heading to the states in the fall. I met up with Montana and Taylor and we started to scan the room for anyone who looked as if they might be heading to Carolina. We found only one guy who was coming to UNC. He’s coming for the full year, which means he’ll get to experience the greatness that is Carolina basketball. We chatted for a bit about what he can expect and some things he wanted to know. Being the only person we found who was heading over for the year, we decided to call it a day and headed back home after we were done chatting. 

TUESDAY, STRAND CAMPUS Woke up early for my 9 am and fought the crowds on the tube to get to class on time. I got in and sat down and realized I was one of three people in the room. It was not the greatest sign. Seven minutes later, I was out the door after our professor basically said, “screw this, sorry about dragging y’all out of bed.” I think it was the shortest class I’ve ever attended as a student in my life. But hey I’m only complaining about the commute here.

MONDAY, WATERLOO CAMPUS Well it was bound to happen eventually. One day I was going to have to go back to class. That day came today. With the strike, thankfully, finished I was able to go to the two classes I actually really enjoy here at King’s. The lectures weren’t too shabby considering we’ve missed half of the class essentially. What will that mean for our final grades? Now that is the million-dollar question. While it was nice to finally go back to school, it was also a great feeling to know that it would be my last Monday of the term.

In case you’re wondering, I’ve kicked my sickness. It looks like my preemptive strike paid off. Which is good news considering I’m scrambling around packing for my week in Scotland. Not a bad way to wrap up my 19th year of life here on earth I think. It’ll be nice to stomp around the ancestral homelands and see if I get any callings from the forefathers up in the north country. Well, it looks like I need to find some socks and finish cleaning up this essay. I’ll see you next Sunday.

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