The Power of the Staycation

I love to travel. Seeing new places and meeting new people are some of my favorite things to do. But as anyone who has ever traveled can tell you, it’s exhausting. That’s why I’m excited I get to spend my spring break in one place – my couch.

Traveling is one of the best and worst experiences you can have. You get to see sights you could barely imagine. You meet people who can change your life. But at the same time, traveling is full of headaches. Delayed or missed flights can happen. Lost or stolen bags happen more than you’d like to think too. It’s also a constant hustle to try and see or get to all the places you want to visit before you have to return. In short, traveling is just a lot.

So, I’m excited I’ll be in one place over spring break, my living room. Now, a lot of people would probably be sad if they didn’t have any plans. Or maybe they might be sad they’re not getting warm weather and sun. Or even they could be sad because they aren’t seeing their friends. I say bring on the unstructured days, alone, without the sun burning my skin off.

I say this because school and work are oftentimes stressful activities. That’s why vacationing is important to rebalance life sometimes. Personally, after traveling, I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation. That’s part of the reason I planned to have no plan over the next week. I realized not so long ago this might be one of the last meaningful periods I have for a few years to be able to sit back, turn on Netflix, and do nothing.

There are some serious benefits to taking some time off and doing absolutely nothing at all. We need at times to step away from our lives to put them in perspective. It helps us to better complete the task we’re facing and produce better work. Famous financier J. P. Morgan is often quoted saying of his habit of taking two months off a year, “I can get done in 10 months what I could never do in 12.” And while I don’t know if I can even match J. P.’s level of dedication to time off, I sure do agree with it.

With the end of March and April already set to be a whirlwind, now is the perfect time to rest up, refocus, and get mentally prepared for the coming storm. Along with my vacation, I’ll be taking a week off from the blog. Thanks for everyone for reading along for the past couple of weeks. I can’t wait to come back refreshed with more stories about my life I’ve managed to tie to current events and happenings.

I’ll see you again Sunday, March 15th.

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