The Week of Crown Jewels and Impromptu Adventures

It’s not every day your study break is stumbling onto a full military parade. But hey this is London and stranger things have happened. While I’ve spent most of the week studying or trying to study, I did manage to take a couple of breaks to soak in the last little bits of London while I still have the chance. 

The Week of Parks, Art, and Shakespeare

The second and final week of my mini summer vacation has been wonderful. I’ve spent most of the week going everywhere and anywhere with no particular plan in mind. It’s been strangely liberating in some ways. As I’ve explored the city, I realized how much I’ve come to love my home for the past few months.

The Week I Sat Near the Prime Minister

It’s not every week I manage to sit next the entire government of a country. But I’m getting ahead of myself. This week was one of the first full weeks of British Summer and I can’t lie I’m really digging it. While not having AC is a pain, the Capital is a whole new place. The only problem with this is I still have a bit of work I have to get done before I can enjoy the new town that is London.