The Week I (Sort of) Started Summer Vacation

Ah yes, summer vacation. One of the best times of year. I mean technically I’m not on vacation yet. I still have two exams that I really need to study for at the very end of May. But I figured I might as well try to get some vacation time in before that. So, this week I decided to do all the touristy and relaxing things I haven’t gotten around to in town yet. Honestly, I think I might be living my best life right now.

The Week I Became a Bohemian Traveler

Somehow, I managed to become quite the Bohemian. Ok, yes that’s just a lie, but I did visit the lands of Bohemia and had a grand time. My week long continental vacation was fantastic and definitely a highlight of my time on this side of the Atlantic. It was the perfect chance to refresh myself from a semester of not doing all that much and get refocused enough to pound out papers and exams over the next two weeks.