The Week I Became a Bohemian Traveler

Somehow, I managed to become quite the Bohemian. Ok, yes that’s just a lie, but I did visit the lands of Bohemia and had a grand time. My week long continental vacation was fantastic and definitely a highlight of my time on this side of the Atlantic. It was the perfect chance to refresh myself from a semester of not doing all that much and get refocused enough to pound out papers and exams over the next two weeks.

The Week I Went to Berlin

Well first off, I know I’m a little behind. Due to some interesting events involving Lufthansa and scheduling, I ended up not getting back into London until late last night. By the time I got a train back to my flat I was dead to the world and pretty quickly fell out. But enough of that, this week has been a lot of fun including a parade at the beginning to enjoying the peace of Berlin at the end. I had almost forgotten how much I like traveling and discovering new places and Berlin was a joy to travel to.

The Week of Libraries and Embassies

Well it was bound to happen. One day I’d eventually do a few productive things. That’s right you heard me correctly. I’ve somehow managed to become productive over the last couple of days. I’ve been spending several days at the library working on a paper and I even attempted to fulfil some civic duties abroad. Now this is even more impressive considering this week was the start of March Madness (Go Heels!). But in between all the productivity, I did manage to see some Shakespeare and binge some Netflix.

The Week I Got Lost in Chinatown in the Name of Procrastination

Reading week has been noticeably lacking on the reading. I have become a terrible student since I got here. They really shouldn’t have told us things were pass/fail. That was just a bad call. Without most classes this week, I’ve done a variety of things while telling myself I’d do my work later. Let’s just say I think I’m becoming a master at procrastination.

The Week of Pancakes, Printers, and Sunlight

It’s been sunny here for three days in a row. That alone has made this week truly wonderful. It was also the last week of class before Reading week which made it even better. Also, it was a week full of holidays and I made sure to celebrate to the fullest. I’m glad I had fun this week before having to hunker down in the coming days to work on several papers for class.   

The Week I Called in Sick

Being sick in a foreign land sucks. Yeah, there really is no way to sugarcoat that. Now in case you’re worrying, no I haven’t been felled by the flu or some other terrible pathogen. Somehow, despite living in the middle of a city where nature really isn’t a thing, I got a sinus infection. Stranger things have happened I guess.

Nice to Meet You, My Name Is Erik. I’m From…

Rear look at the Abbey taken durning a walking tour of Westminster.

It’s only been a week and yet somehow, I feel like I’ve been here for a month. The days have all run together and I’m amazed at all I’ve learned in just the first couple of days. From quickly learning to be more self-reliant to how other cultures view and move through the world; this week has a been just a taste of what I think this semester has in store for me.