Snow Days Aren’t What They Used to Be

Snow days as a kid were great. The whole experience was an adventure. You’d wait up watching the news with your parents to see if the school district had closed yet. You’d do a snow dance, hope, pray, anything to get you out of going to class the next day. And then finally – if you’d danced, hoped, or prayed hard enough – you’d get a phone call from the school district announcing they had canceled classes.

Snow days as an adult kind of suck. Now don’t get me wrong, I deeply enjoyed the snow day we had this past week. It was a great excuse to stay inside on a cold day and curl up under a blanket in the living room. But it did throw a wrench in the schedule.

Work got canceled, meetings had to be moved, and travel had to be delayed. I think one of my professors summed it up best in an email saying, “‘enjoy’ and ‘snow’ should never be used in the same sentence.” All this for an inch of snow and mostly clear roads. It wasn’t even one of those snows you could go outside and enjoy.

But I do think this snow day provided a window into how different a life I’m living since even four years ago. While I was happy to have the day off, I was also annoyed at how much I had to move around and reschedule things in my life. A snow day wasn’t simply fun anymore, there was a new layer. What I took from this was how much responsibility and growth in my life had taken place in a short time.

I had work to worry about. I had meetings that needed to happen. I had places to go. That was hardly true four years ago when I was a senior in high school. Now I found myself with all three. While I was annoyed for a few moments I realized how glad I was to have things to reschedule and move around. It meant I had responsibility. It showed I had a bit of skin in the game if you will. The realization I was responsible for significant parts of my life brought back a little of the childhood joy snow days sparked.

Getting older keeps bringing surprises. Snow days kind of sucking sure is one surprise I wasn’t expecting. Even though they might cause a bit more of a headache then they used to, I know I’ll keep finding myself hoping a day off will pop up when snow is in the forecast.