School’s out forever?

A few days ago, I finished up my last week at UNC. It was a little more anticlimactic than I thought it might be. I turned in my final assignment Friday and then promptly headed out to the “quad” (otherwise known as my front yard) to enjoy my last day of class with some of my friends, via Zoom.

I was fortunate this semester to not have had any final exams. There is an upside to being in the J-School, after all. So, when Monday came around and I didn’t have any classes or exams, I at first didn’t know what to do. Was I supposed to be productive? Do I need to clock a certain number of hours on my laptop? What do I do now?

The answer for the first part of the day, ok the vast majority of the day, was to sit down and play video games. I figured why not. I have no deadlines. The world is still shut down. What do I have to lose?

To be completely honest, it turns out doing nothing can get pretty boring pretty fast.

So, I decided to go back to school. Well, not an actual school. I decided while I’m still working on getting employed, I might as well continue to learn some things. I figured it would give me something to do and might even be a little fun.

That’s why this week I decided I’d learn how to do some basic web coding. Through lessons from LinkedIn Learning, I working to better understand how the web functions. Hopefully, you’ll be able to see my skills in action as I continue to grow and improve this site.

I’m also planning to work on learning more about the technical side of digital marketing. While I already have a solid foundation thanks to the Hussman School, I was never able to take a class purely on how to best run paid advertising online. I’m looking to learn as much about digital advertising markets and best practices over the coming weeks.

So, while I may officially out of school, I think I’ll still be hitting the books for many days to come.

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