NSAC 2020

Amidst all the Chaos, NSAC

NSAC, The National Student Advertising Competition. NSAC had been my life since January. I deliberately enrolled in only three classes in the spring of ’20 to dedicate the time necessary to NSAC. What’s the reason I was so dedicated? Simple. NSAC is the closest any college student can get to working in an agency setting outside of a summer internship.

The competition is hard during normal times. Add a global pandemic in the middle and you have yourself one heck of a learning experience. See how Team 748 still managed to pull it all off below even though we couldn’t work late into the night in Carroll Hall.

Team 748 Plans Book

See a complete overview of the campaign here. Password required to view NSAC materials due to client agreement. See a full list of our sources here.

Campaign Overview


Introduction Ad Example

Pre-roll Ad Example