It’s That Weird In-Between Week

5 Days Before Crossing

Now I know I haven’t left yet so you may not be as interested in my life as you otherwise might be. And honestly, I wouldn’t blame you. Life back here at home is noticeably more relaxed than life anywhere else. I’m still waiting to do most of the packing (and in this case unpacking) till next week. But, as I wrote last week I will be updating you every Sunday so here are the stories and highlights from what amounts to a very quiet week before the adventure begins.

FRIDAY, 4042 Went to my last day of work for a long time. For the past two weeks, I’ve been back at work at Cracker Barrel to make a little bit of money before I left for London. Now I wasn’t all that sure it is worth it. Two-eighteen an hour plus tips usually don’t add up to a whole lot of dough, but the holiday spirit was real my friend. I had, on average, two to three tables a night leave me ten dollar tips. Now if you know anything about Cracker Barrel, you know it takes a lot to rack up a check where a 10-dollar tip would be expected. So, these tables were great. One table even tipped me 30 dollars one night. In all, I managed to make several hundred dollars. Far more money than I had expected to make over the Christmas holiday.

While I’ve gripped a little about the Barrel in the past, I’ve honestly enjoyed the last two weeks there far more than I thought I would. My co-workers are truly wonderful people and I don’t know of any other place where I could have made the money I did in two weeks. As I was leaving Friday evening, I had to laugh because as I was getting hugged and getting well wishes many wished for me never to return. Not because we didn’t get along, but because they hoped I’d never get stuck in the “Cracker Barrel Trap.” Hopefully, it’s something I can avoid.

MONDAY, BENSON Christmas was Merry, as usual, this year. It was, however, a bit more themed than it has been in the past. I do believe just about every single one of my presents related in some way to my upcoming travels in London. From electrical adaptors to maps and stickers to guidebooks I think I have just about everything to make it around the city alive.

Well, that about sums up the week for me. Work, sleep, and Christmas. A final week of normalcy before life gets fun. As promised I’ve kept a few things close to the vest for the next time we see each other, but I’ll make sure to share when we see each other again. Next week promises to be slightly more exciting. Until then, I’ll see you next Sunday.


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