I Probably Owe Someone 25 Cents 

12 Days Before Crossing

SUNDAY, BENSON As I’ve been saying my goodbyes over the last couple of weeks and gearing up for my semester abroad, the one thing I’ve heard again and again was that I should write about my adventures across the sea. Having no good excuse not to, I decided I might as well start a little blog to share my little adventures.


I’ve been told every great work needs focus, every story needs a purpose, every journey should have meaning. So, in keeping with that vein of thinking, I’ve decided I’ll focus on telling the story of how my life, on my own, thousands of miles from home, is changing. Now, this is a story for which I have no idea how it will go or how to go about writing. I may change significantly, I may change only in minor ways. The fun part of these writings will be getting to figure it out. But see, I’m not very good at noticing the little details. Some have even called me oblivious. That’s where you come in. You get to decide if or how I’ve changed. It’ll be our little adventure together.


I’ll tell you about my adventures and misadventures, about the exciting and the mundane, about my triumphs and failures, and, naturally, the people who I share them with. Now you won’t be getting the whole story every time (I do have to have a few stories left to tell when I get back) but I promise to give the best look I can at my life over the next six months. I hope you’ll read along and share in my life. See you next Sunday.

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