Here We Go Again

I think I’ve been staring at this open word document on my laptop for over two weeks now. No one told me it was going to be this hard to come back and do it again. After all, I’ve already spent a semester spilling my thoughts and experiences into the digital expanse. At least people could crack the eternal, “dId YoU sTuDy AbRoAd?” jokes last time I was here.

But I’ve been told, we’ll let’s say persuaded via the threat of not graduating, I needed to return to writing to you, my audience (hi mom). So here I am. Struggling to come up with content to please the SEO gods and Gary Kayye. Lord, this is harder than I remember. It doesn’t help my life seems to have calmed down from my gLoBaL sTuDiEs In LoNdOn.

I guess you might like a refresher on what my life has been like since we last chatted. We let’s see. I changed majors. That was a big one. Turns out taking a break from reporting for six months taught me I really wasn’t in love with being a journalist. It was just something I was half good at and journalism is one of the things you have to be good and passionate about. Because the money sure isn’t there if you aren’t passionate about what you’re doing. So, I “sold out” and now I’m studying advertising and I’m much happier. Although the cursed headline writing seems to have followed me.

What else. I dropped a fraternity. Having a car payment all of a sudden will do that to your finances (note the subtle reference to having purchased a car there). Met a girl, but that’s another story. Moved into an apartment with some of my best friends and we still like each other. I feel like I’m forgetting things. Worked a bunch of jobs. Met a bunch of people. I became old enough to do everything but rent a car. You know I’m sure I’m leaving things out at this point, but the main point is life is pretty quiet at this point.

So, what to write about this semester. Yeah, I know I’ve buried the lead on this one. Do I go professional and write about advertising in my desired industries (aka beer and toothpaste) or do I go the open journal route like the last time I threw my words into the digital void? Meh, I’ll figure something out by the time the second one of these is due Thursday. We’ll chat then.