God Bless Brunch

So, I had an idea just in the nick of time. Since it’s been a minute since we last talked extensively. I have a couple of stories banked up I haven’t gotten around to telling (assuming you don’t run into me every day that is). So, I figured I may, just maybe, be able to weave some of my life and my stories into these blogs where I’ll pepper in some current events. You know really just synthesis my information and get it all happy and together as one does.

So, where to begin. Ah yes:

Brunch is the greatest meal of the day. Full stop.

Yes, I know this might be an aggressive stance. I understand that. However, brunch has a mystical power rational thought cannot quite explain. And right now, you are surely wondering how all of this meshes in with what I told you like 2.5 seconds ago and how I made such a large logical break. Let me explain. 

Earlier this week I helped organize a brunch for my National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) team. There are 23 of us all selected for this class where we are given a case by the American Advertising Federation and are pitted against all the other college advertising departments across the nation. Well the 23 of us don’t all know each other and apparently putting together a plan for a national awareness campaign means a few all-nighters. Having managed to get myself somehow in charge of this mess, I figured we might as well get to know each other.

Cue brunch. Brunch is the perfect meal for getting to know people. It isn’t as early as breakfast, and when your team is all made of up college students something before 9 A.M. simply isn’t going to cut it. Lunch is too business-like. Like working lunch is a thing. Working brunch, not so much. Dinner, on the other hand, is so formal. Like we’re not going on a group date now or celebrating someone’s birthday, I don’t even know half these people yet. That leaves brunch. Brunch is the perfect, informal, unpretentious, low-expectation meal to use when you want to get to know a bunch of practical strangers.

Cue Elmo’s Diner in Carrboro, the best place in Orange County to get brunch on a random Monday morning before class. We managed a decent turnout and had about a dozen or so people from the team make the trek out. We split up into smaller groups and got to chatting. While there wasn’t as much ‘getting to know each other’ as I would have liked (almost everyone knew everyone else somehow or another), I’m still putting this in the win column for brunch.

I’m excited to work on our NSAC project. It’s the best class project I’ve ever seen. It looks like we have a great team to go along with it too. Hopefully, we’ll be getting even more people together for brunch in the future. Well, that’s all I have for now. We’ll chat later.