The Week of Pancakes, Printers, and Sunlight

It’s been sunny here for three days in a row. That alone has made this week truly wonderful. It was also the last week of class before Reading week which made it even better. Also, it was a week full of holidays and I made sure to celebrate to the fullest. I’m glad I had fun this week before having to hunker down in the coming days to work on several papers for class.   

The Week of 1 A.M. Sports

You never realize how big a difference five hours makes. That is until you decide to watch U.S. sporting events five time zones away. Was it worth it? Completely. For the first time, I picked a Super Bowl winner and UNC unexpectedly beat Dook. So, it’s been a good week here even though my sleep schedule has been completely thrown out of wack.

The Week I Called in Sick

Being sick in a foreign land sucks. Yeah, there really is no way to sugarcoat that. Now in case you’re worrying, no I haven’t been felled by the flu or some other terrible pathogen. Somehow, despite living in the middle of a city where nature really isn’t a thing, I got a sinus infection. Stranger things have happened I guess.

I Saw a Lot of Old Stuff This Week

Well I’ve done it, I’ve made it through my first week of classes at King’s. It’s been a long week of figuring out where everything is and how classes are run, but I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of everything here. It’s been unnaturally sunny this week and I think that’s helped me adjust a little faster than I otherwise would have. This week also marks the first time I’ve been truly happy since I got here.

Nice to Meet You, My Name Is Erik. I’m From…

Rear look at the Abbey taken durning a walking tour of Westminster.

It’s only been a week and yet somehow, I feel like I’ve been here for a month. The days have all run together and I’m amazed at all I’ve learned in just the first couple of days. From quickly learning to be more self-reliant to how other cultures view and move through the world; this week has a been just a taste of what I think this semester has in store for me.

It’s That Weird In-Between Week

Now I know I haven’t left yet so you may not be as interested in my life as you otherwise might be. And honestly, I wouldn’t blame you. Life back here at home is noticeably more relaxed than life anywhere else.

I Probably Owe Someone 25 Cents 

As I’ve been saying my goodbyes over the last couple of weeks and gearing up for my semester abroad, the one thing I’ve heard again and again was that I should write about my adventures across the sea. Having no good excuse not to, I decided I might as well start a little blog to share my little adventures.